Searching for Rain

a perfect summer shower

she is

the smell that rises from the warm concrete

the reflection that shimmers in the shallow puddles

the soothing droplets slowly trailing down my skin

she once

let me see all her expressions

let me hear all of her words

let me feel all her emotions


my heart yearns for the rain

my senses searching

I only feel cold

two seas

yearning to be at sea 

not needing a direction 

peacefully bobbing from wave to wave

at one with the elements 

no cares in the undertow

uneasy being at sea 

without clear direction

slapped from wave to wave

unaware of tomorrow’s fate

feet outstretched in search of seabed


sunstruck by the truth held in the rising sun 

that returns even after the darkest night

branches effortlessly cradle the fresh snow 

until the day’s warmth releases it to the blanket below

seeking enlightenment from a tangled web inside

I am upon this fence for you

struggles lead to freedom

like winter leads to spring

my walls are not crumbling

years of fear and false confidence have built them strong 

in mirror and and light

i’m taking them down piece by piece

our weaknesses are not crimes

last words are not only for the dying

a conversation of the heart

Responding to each other like a perfectly matched echo, this writing is authored by two people falling in love.


you and I rooted in winter

our mettle reflects our hearts

coming rains and warmth 

will feed our souls

I’m ready to reap with you

New life, a new start

It bristles at the wind

Whipping steadily, circling

At times it hopes to rescind

It’s arrival to the air

And then the sun on its face

It stretches and arches

Toward an open, quiet space

To free its leaves

Fan out its petals

To shine toward the sky

And solidly it settles

Amidst the wind,

the ice, the cold

It stands steadfast

Clear and bold

Old Man in Sorrow – VanGogh

He Could Cry

it is not the glistening shine that sits upon the eyes

there is no appeal to another’s sadness

but it’s been said there is beauty with tears

perhaps it is a cleansing of the soul

great strength is revealed with aching vulnerability 

inside the moment, it’s difficult to see

emotions become buried in the heart

allowing others inside unlocks the pain

stretching intimacy’s horizon 

shedding tears only in solitude creates a wall

those that love you want a door to walk through 

not a wall to scale

Tattooed Summer

the tattooed summer appears more clear in the rising sun

under gentle currents, wishing folded sunlight to carry what I cannot

worn and tired from spinning within a space of no control

lilting upon ocean waves is where I reside for today

footprints disappearing in grains of sand

reminding that timelines have ends

you can lose without knowing

if you are asked to dance, take the hand

Time Lays Beyond A Wall

when it’s strolling like perfect summer

remember hiding days you once could not see

they are back again

my claims overblown

an honest man to all but myself

if i was who i wanted to be

we would not be here now

before we went too far

intentions were none

of that i am true

but a flip is in place

now you run cold for me 

my regrets are many

i should have been better

my space feels deserved  

i want it disowned

but will hold it as i do

it now sits with me 

awaiting the scars of time

your wish to support has an aim that is true

the heart’s offer is hard to uphold

as now you feel jailed from where you’ve been led

there is more of me to show you

yet I am unable to find you 

as i roam and twist

so much we have shared 

yet not nearly enough has been spoke


alive, unblinking, gleaming blue

her eyes felt like summer

perfectly at ease, weightless in time

it could not rain, winds sailed warm and high

the moment was wide open, everything flowed in

memory immediately sealed, time could not escape

there would be no easy way out 

regardless of how it fades 

this love does not end

the morning when one of us rises alone 

that day will be ok