Trust From Above

stars above glimmer and shine

wielding silver, blue and gold

often not promises

but wishes they hold

challenges may create wandering

be refreshed in the dawn anew

while directions may change

to yourself always be true

giving your all

is never a fail

breathe deep

remember to exhale

walk with confidence

knowing your heart is real

ten feet tall

is how you should feel

forgive yourself

for choices passed and choices made

mistakes are a must

we all will learn and pain will fade

Photo: jsp

Beauty Sits


is the tone of this love


ocean deep and eternal

that place where darkness will not go away

sits teaching, not taunting

sometimes we just have to wait

and look to find a way when the light climbs in

the path of holding on and letting go

littered with emotion

flowing with natural force

pace undetermined

another chapter closes

before the page turns left

tomorrow may be unwritten

but it awaits

pond at The Clark
Williamstown, MA
Photo: i. Perlman

We Can’t See Them In Their World

we bring them into this life

clean slates in our image

pieces of ourselves planted as seeds

we protect with everything we are

hoping we are providing all the maps for their journeys

blood is thick

we warm with their laughter

break with their pain

at times helpless as the years stretch beyond our reach

we witness identities, not copies of ourselves

calling out to soften falls

struggling to bite the tongue that stunts their tomorrow

we remain always within reach

far enough to allow for flight

but close for all they need

we hope to have done enough

so they walk forever lightly

and our souls to rest easy

at the parade
Cumberland, RI
Photo: i. Perlman