Not Listening

crossing delicate boundaries

protecting fear and confidence

chaos and quiet

loss and love

at a speed that stands me still

mired in unsure ground

not recognizing the step in front of me

the awkward depth awakes caution

waiting on tomorrow is always an option

when trust doesn’t arrive

Clouded Views

patina keeps the time

as scars tell a story

wisping clouds arch beautifully

hoping to relieve the drought

set in the cracked landscape

knowing loneliness is not healed

makes sense in pieces

one by one

my dreams keep from fighting

for one more night


clouds of grey

slide by


giving way to hope

twisted and tight

a heart stops to breathe


in the summer sun

exhaling deep

yesterday is gone


as the light sparkles

awash in mountain streams

your tears run with mine


as a new pace welcomes the next chapter

happy and sad

and back again


that mountains mourn as we heal

by jessyca lyn katz

Shadowed Memories

there is madness in this box I find myself

placed by the days that come to us all

some constraints are self imposed

but no less hard to break

travelling with no regret

will take some time

there are empty rooms down every hall

shadowed memories gathering dust

some books are read by just one

pages that now are missing

once held words

forever locked inside the wandering heart

Hold On

does my fear

push you away

does the ache in my heart

leave you no space

do the shards at my feet

have you cautious of your step

remember when

your love was strong

passion at the wheel

no governor on your heart

not reckless

but stepping through yesterday’s chains

true remains my love

but the path is winding

and my mind is full

I stumble

I may fall

the pace is slowed