Sleeping Truth

staring in the mirror 

but I can’t see a face

tears roll sideways 

on the outline taking space

I will tell you this

dragging me from ring to ring

the emptiness has me falling down

hard not to feel like a clown

I tell myself

no one can see me here

but the lights are so bright

that truth seems far not near 

it has happened before

beautiful days do come two in a row

looking to be inspired

I choose to heal and grow

2am acrylic
jsp – 2019

I Always Remember

with every starless night

I feared tomorrow’s dawn

unwilling to close my eyes 

wishing this haunting to be gone

morning after morning 

wishing it were all a dream 

but sunshine brought it back again

had me choking, I could not scream

it was so hard on me

long shadows always held the dark

I would never understand your pain

once vibrant paths now stood stark

a love so strong

unable to win the fight 

did your heart ever have its doubts

it’s getting late, I hope the stars come out tonight

the Pursuit

the pursuit 

endlessly elusive

as the chirping rings like laughter

eyes stretched wide 

gliding and bouncing with purpose 

ready to meet face to face

do not fear my dark shadow

curious and kind

is my nature 

friends are not always easy to find

we share this terrain

come play with me

chipmunks in there for sure
friends in here too

Notes in the Sand

the ocean keeps the time

get caught in the rhythm

do not struggle

follow nature’s lead

and drift away 

with sun on your face

and feet in the sand

tomorrow is left behind

with no bombs above

tragically waiting for the rain 

will leave you empty

there is no defeat 

on this horizon

hold firmly to the jogging kite

and lose your way

in the crashing waves

there is much to see

just close your eyes

Westerly, RI
Misquamicut Beach

A Girl

a girl has my heart

she grabbed it

with fate from the stars

she melts it

with sparkling eyes

she holds it

with careful attention

she twists it

with a wandering mind

she rests within it

with sweet love

that girl

it’s you

rocks on the block
Block Island, RI