I Miss This Love

a hand in mine

hearts entwined

a date at the bar

with a drink and a bite

blue-grey eyes sparkling my way

listening as I rehash my day

doing anything

doing nothing at all

belly laughs so loud

at my stupid jokes

my head in your lap

as you read me clues

in the sun and the sand

warming destined souls 

hemmed in my shape buried in warmth

your arm draped

I miss this love

Working On A Dream

flashing in the mist

of a beautiful morning sun 

that followed the rain

are moments sowed 

in seeds of days remembered

as the sun sets again

uncertain if I am closer

or further away

it’s a hollow feeling

heading north with no direction

arrival may not come

until the last day

Waiting Up

it’s late, almost early

overspun, my mind and stomach 


lines you have crossed

now erased by time

leaving this pawn with no move

please come home

my heart is open all night

losing this love is not a choice

abstract by jsp – april 2020

This Snow

light swirling flakes dance in the air

in no rush to reach the ground

appearing peaceful 

unfettered blankets all around

apologies if I am missing the beauty

maybe I am reading the signs all wrong

april’s pandemic snow 

is challenging my efforts to stay strong

I am drawing the curtains 

blocking the light this morning brings

with tomorrow’s dawn

I’ll give things another swing


this is my song

yet some of these verses

were not written by me

mine is no cautionary tale

heed your own warnings

but feel free to sing along

I was getting pretty good 

about feeling bad

a rut had become my groove

things I planned to do 

stared back from in front of me

hopes remained of leaving them behind as memories 

highways led me 

gravity always 

brought me back

who is recommending 

this correction

that has me cautious and concerned 

if I could only fly

I wouldn’t need

to run and hide

Not All It Appears

dear life 

I’m holding on 

where do I begin 

have you forgotten hope

that still resides

in that place you hide

the devil you know 

has not burned them down

existing in mazes

wandering back and forth

searching for north 

time will lead

the only way out

feeling a loss, but

was it ever really there at all 

time can make you feel small

it’s quite alright

this is how it goes

if you knew it all 

what would the words be 

that set you free

would you trade

the debts you paid

A very special thank you to an amazing young artist for allowing me to share her work. I encourage everyone to check out her creative and amazing pieces. You can follow/share her efforts _.annika.art.05._

Spring’s Sycamore

halting me in stride

you line nature’s catwalk

majestic and sprawling

massive at your base

wearing mottled bark

gnarled and knotty

early spring is flaunting 

your naked beauty

rambling at your peaks

having accompanied generations

hollowed by time

a trunk offers storage and shelter

with summer’s haze I will return

after leathery leaves have unfurled

providing canopies dense and lush

in your shade and bloom

I shall sit 

and breathe the air