light has left the summer sky

we have been browned beneath the sun

let’s not leave the sand and surf

stars will join us soon

your shiver will not last

within my arms

as this love 

will warm us until the dawn

beach moon
august 2017

Do Not Wait Until Spring

under blue sky within the warm air

words got lost 

somewhere along the way

streams flowed calmly

running clear 

as we walked for hours

lines have been drawn

some to keep us straight

others to be erased beneath our feet

there is no need to wait 

to tune that instrument

release what’s inside

photo by JBP – January 2020

A Loud Dream

pleasant lies

sent me to sleep

blissfully unaware

as it should be

you saw the signs

they were not read 

but all the same 

you know what they meant

we remain who we have always been

rearranged by time

written but unseen

the map exists

the journey is meant to be stout

stay safe from the third rail

tickets were not free

your soul paid the fee


even while it rages

a pulse is feeling faint

strangled by yesterday’s desire

vision marred

from wandering lost among too many tomorrows

it’s supposed to hurt

pick up the pieces

they lie all around

as rubble

from cities of love


Frozen Ground

rivers run under the fragile ice

escorting nature’s heartbeat 

the early winter darkness 

has me anxious for spring to start anew

greeting the sunrise will be enough

today will not suffer in wishes too grand

I will not search

to align the stars 

accepting what is given

and breathing it in  – deeply

the sun shines brightly

even across the frozen ground