forgotten by time or a lost way

a choice has been made, but not your own

expect sadness, welcome it

next it’s time to celebrate

the core of happiness

the time for excuses left yesterday

inherit tomorrow’s sunrise

before the terrain becomes impassable

your heart will be broken

but trust in the dawn

when choking on broken dreams

turn the dial for another tune

lyrics written for you are not too distant

the heavy haze will surely rise

just hold the hand placed in yours

be brave before you crumble

the fire ignites your soul before you burn

be patient as the compass charts the course

forgiveness is sometimes overrated

when you learn from mistakes

with no place to fall keep moving

you will be on time eventually

if summer turns to fall

add another layer as the journey gets late

some reveals rise with morning

don’t crowd the broken heart

it only heals with space between the loves

yesterday’s and today’s

the journey isn’t always a forward path

hold on loosely

never stop

true love along the way

is destined to mark time

if you don’t want to be saved

giving up is the sentence you deserve

Snowfall of My Mind

the sun has been sent into early hiding
the biting wind has molded my back into a perfect ess
aching for summers evenings
I slink inside for relief
    refusing to be trapped in these four walls
fallen oaks begin to smoke and crackle
aged mash caresses my tongue
easing my a tangled posture
creating a delicate snowfall of my mind
releasing words onto the page

In Plain Sight

in the basement 
the demons reside
there is a stairway
aware of where they hide
can't get there, I've been searching for the door 

i'm not afraid
but i have never looked them in the eye
feeling lost in my own life
makes me want to cry
it's in front of me, just turn the knob

when i finally face them 
the tears will freely flow
dropping weight from my aching shoulders
allowing me to breathe and grow
maybe tomorrow, they will be there still

The Space Between

the brown empty branches

look like family from far away

from close up

you see the space between

      wandering in the fog

      of my own shadow

     feigning disbelief

     that I had no answers

thought I’d seen every photograph

in your album

with a change of lens

memories take a whole new shape

     I should have done more

     if i was willing

     the blowing wind reminds me

    to focus on the space between