A Girl

a girl has my heart

she grabbed it

with fate from the stars

she melts it

with sparkling eyes

she holds it

with careful attention

she twists it

with a wandering mind

she rests within it

with sweet love

that girl

it’s you

rocks on the block
Block Island, RI

Keep Away

wrapped in the summer sun

floating on the waterline

allowing the world around to flow through

it’s not coming

it’s not gaining on you

you own the space inside

behind you is only yesterday

no change of plans

breathe deep as your hand drags the water

don’t fade inside

unfold your fist

as your mind gets tight

slowly tapping your center

don’t fall to your knees

stand tall in the mirror

recognize it’s only you

the battle seems daunting

you are not alone

not that far from home

Ebb and Flow

dwelling in pain

I can no longer feel

buried deep 

cold as steel

beneath roots of oaks

you cannot resuscitate

what hasn’t died

playing make believe

behind sheets of lies

will not hide the view

breathe in deep

and hold it there

taken under

behind a stare

your essence hangs

climb aboard 

that morning train

all returns are lost or buried

never in vain

residing in the heart

a moment’s path

Again and Again

vulnerability is my power 

hoping to show you

lost in search of realization

inspired by what I cannot see 

I wish you more

more than I can give

I’m empty no more 

now that you’re gone

wanting to sing my heart

but I keep losing my place

littered in the mess that’s been made

is salt from yesterday’s tears

music has not tripped the words

seeking translation

has me listening

again and again

Mass MoCA
North Adams, Ma
June 2019

Within the Spaces

comfort is not what it once was

I have not been here before

we are linked with ties

beyond what any can see

embracing the time

gifted by a path unsought

breathing in deeply

still unknowing

it’s best that way

a spark

helps illuminate

this uncharted path

anew is this love we share

unwrapping layers

mine, yours, ours

linked in loss, love and desire

forever bound with laced hands

After Dark

the sun has hidden until the dawn

     chocolate allowed to keep it’s cool

the air does not weigh upon your chest

     summer’s night air should be taken deeply

the crackling heat holds mosquitoes in mid flight

     jabbing flames jabbing

the tanned skin holds its face

     moonlight lends a hand

the sweet giggle from sugar’s drug

    preambles awed stares into the night sky

roasted marshmallows are always better after dark

summer sun
Matunuck, RI 2014

Flowing Through

words may tangle before stepping forward

they sit while seeking their match

words lie around forever

potential swirling

abandoned they may seem

before choices can be made

words are often borrowed 

before they can be owned

waiting for their time

confident in their pace

words may wrap around each other 

and pull themselves through

bravery comes from letting them go

not housing them inside

emotion is carried in the wake

let it flow through you

the Clark Art Institute
Williamstown, Ma

A Pace I Can Walk With

vibrant green

carries the palette 

filling the landscape 

finding a pace 

I can walk with

beneath the sky of blue 

among the familiar 

sounds and smell

pulling me to live in this space

a lightning bug jarred

keeping it here

trying not to hold too tightly

it is as it should be 

lifting the weight 

moving free

not growing old here 

only today’s air

fills my lungs

somewhere in the Berkshires
june 2019