Song for You

if I cant sleep
I sing
and I'm singing all night tonight 

are you sleeping soundly 
can you hear me
as I watch you lay beside me 

running a verse
thru pursed lips 
rain around my heart outside your smile

beaten up and beaten down
all used up
your eyes carry me on 

what will be
no one truly knows 
a blessing behind the fear

it may be written 
but the page is blank 
I'll hum the tune before the sun comes up 


follow me, I know the way
said the king with no crown
words over actions
is always the easier
before the flood
was only fear
now that I’m drowning
pain walks with me
command a new direction
from deep within
pull with your heart
rather than might
when I get there
I hope it’s not too late
falling along the way
makes me stronger upon arrival
tomorrow’s lyrics
stutter and restart
yesterday’s verse
has left a foggy path
the same shoes still fit
but I slip without a tread
follow me I know the way
said the king with no crown

slowly you go

underneath the leaves
lies an anxious heart
scraping the cold hard past
with tracks of hope
hidden with no voice
you grow from pain
feeding from the soul
with strength you never knew you had
take me slowly
and I’ll enjoy the ride
walk with me
tomorrow and today
let me fall
dusting off my pride
I’ll reach for your outstretched hand


time to break
this tired old routine
pushing forward
with no course
wailing after wasted days
knowing always
there was more to give
dont buy the dream
or the tab will lock you up
without passion
there is no calm soul
a song for me
waiting to be penned

A Song

dwell in pain
I cannot feel
buried deep beneath roots of oaks
cold as steel
you can’t resuscitate
what hasn’t died
playing make believe
behind sheets of lies
breathe in deep
and hold it there
I close my eyes
smell the essence in your hair
climb aboard that morning train
it all returns – lost or buried
love residing in the heart
never in vain