Giving Love

if we give all of our love to others and keep none for ourselves 

we may expect others to fill a space within us

that space could be in need of our own love

     keep some love for yourself 

     that love can allow for the best connection 

     with others 

” The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much and forgetting that you are special too.” – Ernest Hemingway

Our Truth

truth is in our hearts and deep in our being

the truth does not go away

the journey will bring us back to it

     sometimes it may seem blurry

     we may see it and hesitate to acknowledge 

     we may choose to ignore it

trust yourself 

trust your truth


storms of nature

storms of life

inevitable realities 

coming with purpose

some arrive unexpectedly

others offer notice

how we respond

reflect and define who we are

in the moment

and tomorrow 

be thoughtful 

be kind

be honest 

be true

be strong

my strength is being tested and feels weakened

but I am strong

I have strength to offer you

you are part of me

all I have is mine and yours


#godoggocafe #storms

A Heart Can Open

even on the coldest days…

the plumes escaping from homes reveal the warmth inside

the sun pushing through the trees reaching to meet the frost in the valley

to blend as one


uncertainty, caution and fear 

often have our hearts close off or retreat

space, time and willingness 

can open it again

be willing

I am here

The Rising

I have no excuses 

only admissions 

I am a work in progress 

my soul intact

battling the urge to avoid

I sit within these moments of suffering

knowing the seeds of growth are sown here

within striations of the morning sun there is hope

my heart’s pace steadies with the new day

#prikcab #gododgocafe #therising

Balancing Act

there is a message reminding us to stay in the present

this focus should not neglect the past and the future

often uncertainty and fear create imbalance

commitment to future needs and desires must balance the present moment

without balance, we stumble and fall

if we fall, we must push ourselves to rise

there will be hands of others extended

Empty Space

a space exists

the wish is to fill it in

we reach outside of ourselves

believing what we need, we do not hold

tilling beneath the surface offers no clear sightline

hands tremble, eyes wander, the mind paces

it takes time

trust it’s inside

until then, the space is ok

growth requires it


“a change in the weather is known to be extreme”

Weather, like time, like love – cannot be controlled. Flowing at their pace and at their will, carving paths that we must travel within or around. 

Staying true to ourselves cannot be siloed where we are not changing and adapting. Forcing ourselves into change is not the way. It requires openness and it takes time. 

Be aware of what cannot be controlled.

Take it in.

Give it some time.

Make the change that feels right.

I’m Always Standing in My Way

Certain days require a bit “more” to help us out from under the covers (especially when two warm pups are bracketing your body).  Sometimes it’s helpful to recall good memories to remind us why we rise up and what we may encounter each day. 

I can recall…

… being enthralled in the presence of a giggling baby

… sitting on a grassy hill with a beautiful friend in the warm sunshine surrounded by music

… gently holding the hand of someone that truly loves you

… seeing my children enjoying each other and showing care and compassion for one another

… waking to the morning sun to the a voice or text of “good morning love”

… listening to the crashing waves with bodies entwined with someone you love

… watching a young pup carelessly entertaining themselves, prancing and hopping while flipping a ball into the air

… staring into the eyes across from you and feeling like it’s all you needed

Time to get going.

parking lot heart waiting for me?

Painted Black

this just may be my communion 

seeking us 

I gave you me

the only one 

I was capable of

you needed more

we are the cruel casualty 


we thought there was time

maybe there still is

too late to fear tomorrow 

it’s where we can begin again