Snow Moon

peeking through the sidelight

I caught the moon staring 

it may have been calling me

to stop and breathe deep

the patience of the moment 

implied she was looking too

from where she was

the snow moon full and bold

hung peacefully in the eastern sky

stars at its flank

as I stood beneath

I was reminded 

it also goes through phases of emptiness

before being full again 

He Sits

he sits,

sipping coffee thru the lid

his tongue burnt from his haste 

ignoring the ache in his fingers 

facing an empty space where her back once was

brow crinkled 

with constant thoughts of her

recalling words from her heart

that once bubbled endlessly 

staring at another sunrise

asking the universe for help

A Fall to Pieces

nary a sound, but certainly a fall

an empty gaze faces the scattered pieces

some fragments sit piled upon each other

other shards glisten a distance away

jagged edges signal caution

smoothed borders lay more calmly

a rush to gather it may prove hasty

standing in pause and steadying the mind

will help see what may not have fit

pieces discarded will not be forgotten 

efforts to rebuild may be slow

cracks may show in the new shape

allowing light to shine through

scars that appear

serve as timelines not to be hidden

our stories and truths lay within

the journey will have falls and calls for change

change is inevitable – growth is optional

both require time, patience and love, lots of love

the new shape will take form

stronger than before

#falltopieces #lookinginyourwindow


Night Becomes Day

sitting with the last of the night’s sky

stars still dot the quiet black morning

transfixed in its peace

resolute and unwavering 

staring over the valley

change comes with each moment 

azure blue encouraged from below by rose pink

layers of beauty revealed 

as nature’s drape lifts the day

canary yellow appears

claiming its place perfectly between pink and blue

a few stars remain visible in the western sky

watching the day begin over my shoulder 

as one lone star like a beacon refuses to dim in the gift of the sunrise

pink has played its role disappearing from the morning 

leaving yellow and blue to raise the day from here

#nightbecomesday #lookinginyourwindow #godoggocafe


On Guard

I have been strong before

often that strength stood guard

fronting a veil of fear

the strength that guards

may not be what best moves us forward

vulnerability may be the key

releasing vulnerabilities can allow for full awareness 

and deeper connection to ourselves and those around us

a strength connected 

deeper to our truth builds from here

Puddled Time

time continues to pass, endlessly 

each minute the same only in length 

like droplets of rain that create puddles

you can’t touch the same one twice 

puddles gather to a mirror 

look into it and see yourself

revealed is you, only in this instant

the puddle will dry never returning the same

your image reflecting in the next will be different 

be in each moment

it only comes once

Giving Love

if we give all of our love to others and keep none for ourselves 

we may expect others to fill a space within us

that space could be in need of our own love

     keep some love for yourself 

     that love can allow for the best connection 

     with others 

” The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much and forgetting that you are special too.” – Ernest Hemingway

Our Truth

truth is in our hearts and deep in our being

the truth does not go away

the journey will bring us back to it

     sometimes it may seem blurry

     we may see it and hesitate to acknowledge 

     we may choose to ignore it

trust yourself 

trust your truth


storms of nature

storms of life

inevitable realities 

coming with purpose

some arrive unexpectedly

others offer notice

how we respond

reflect and define who we are

in the moment

and tomorrow 

be thoughtful 

be kind

be honest 

be true

be strong

my strength is being tested and feels weakened

but I am strong

I have strength to offer you

you are part of me

all I have is mine and yours


#godoggocafe #storms