Time Lays Beyond A Wall

when it’s strolling like perfect summer

remember hiding days you once could not see

they are back again

my claims overblown

an honest man to all but myself

if i was who i wanted to be

we would not be here now

before we went too far

intentions were none

of that i am true

but a flip is in place

now you run cold for me 

my regrets are many

i should have been better

my space feels deserved  

i want it disowned

but will hold it as i do

it now sits with me 

awaiting the scars of time

your wish to support has an aim that is true

the heart’s offer is hard to uphold

as now you feel jailed from where you’ve been led

there is more of me to show you

yet I am unable to find you 

as i roam and twist

so much we have shared 

yet not nearly enough has been spoke

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