time well spent

the scars you wear
emblazoned upon your heart
push you forward, yet drag the weight

of trouble seen

in ladybug red
galloping to freedom
storm clouds crying

on the detour around the dead

we all are drowning
even when it’s dry
raging scenery dancing in the mirror

time is an illusion to no one

fractions of love
never added to much of anything
but your kiss resting on my skin

brings daybreak near

a noose and a necklace
hung together in the closet of my life
racing to be worn
before the dawn

twisted lines

stand near me
and calm my pace
fill your cup
and drink me till your blind

it’s the life we’re living
not a soul to blame
the howling wind scatters my thoughts

ain’t nothing wrong
with our chemistry
it’s harder to speak
when others are listening

it’s a cheap disease
I don’t want to lose this fight
a complicated story
around the bend it’s always night


this love you found
it’s me through and through
it may be broken
but still my love
I give you me
it’s what I have
did I mislead your heart
with a look or promise
did I offer what I do not own
I want to, I do
apologies for all I am not

alone together

the rhythm of parallel lives

difficult to catch the pace

traveling together and alone

chopping through the wake of the crossover

goodbyes follow hello

our distant homes drive us forward

guided by the sunrise

filled as we can be

as empty spaces are part of the core

the roadmap is ours

and drawn as we travel

there is no ersaer

only nimble toes to navigate the terrain

A Real Beauty

with a smile that brightens my every day

with a heart always open to all in need

with a true soul that guides confidently towards the unknown

with love for family and friends that refuses to be contained

with eyes that sparkle, light and comfort all around you

with strength that challenges the most arduous of test

losing some locks will not drain your beauty and fight

your overwhelming aura from within and around

continues to shine unmatched

hair will return to where the beauty is that never left

Night air

It’s not dark yet

But the moonlight creates constellations

Between the trees

The summer air

Is moist against my skin

The crickets chirp

Singing a delicate constant song

Lulling softly

The moment 

Settling in my mind