Questions for Love

if love is strong

is it also heavy?

does love float around us

or are we carried upon it?

what color is your love 

is it the same as mine?

when love is scared

where does it hide?

where you once bled

has love healed a wound?

how is love best carried

as it overflows your heart?

many questions

infinite power

ask away

a conversation

and then

she was gone

my senses alive

with what is left with me

difficult to not always want more

empty space holds desire

I find your heart

water in the desert

I hold your hand

I pull it close

we walk together

down a road

without direction

making our own map

as we go

you’ve lifted my heart

my hand rests upon your hip

almost inside your skin

I cannot see the path

my feet keep pulling me ahead

I move forward because

I believe in us

it may be unknown

but we can make it

what we want it to be

I know this in my heart

your hand in mine

what lies ahead

is shielded

by the beams

of beauty

that is here today

and the beauty of what is


in these moments

is all that matters

the future will unfold as it will

words (2015), photos (2019)

Covered in Time

your first pass was unknowing

brave and reckless

knowledge and experience are not the same

time assails all hearts

scars scatter behind

foundations form from laughter and pain

sing the songs to the tune behind your eyes

seeking to unlock freedom born with you

that has been covered in the sands of time

snow settles in
jbp – Dec 2019