Questions for the Seasons

will the beautiful colors of autumn
protect against the oncoming frost
the moon in the sky
is yours and mine
wherever we are
anchored by the stars
hung high over time

will the depth of winters chill
thaw in time to greet the crocus
deep black skies before the dawn
keep us hidden
as the nature resets
patience guides us
towards tomorrow

will the hopeful aroma of spring
dance endlessly, laughing with the solstice
singing blackbirds
carry dreams in their tune
another chance for love
bringing freedom from the past
breathing in from open windows

will summer’s warm embrace
catch us early and hold us late
gentle red and amber evenings
umbrella our hopes
of a tomorrow like today
lay with me
your hand in mine

night’s whispers

your outline is traced in my mind
where you once laid
the night’s whispers
dominate the cold night air
as I stir
in deafening silence
awaiting the warmth
of tomorrows dawn
loneliness is chased
by timeless memories
resilient strength is slowly building
battling the fear
of my own eventually fate


the battle continues

seeking simple happiness, days of peace

you have paid your dues

yet badgered by the disease

escaped by few

thirteen years

is there a debt unpaid?

you are relentless, we know

the lesson is not clear

how can we learn

sadness, emptiness, pain

not mine , yes mine, and yours

leave now

I know you won’t

I love you more than I have expressed

thank you dad


you didn’t knock

you kicked the door in

your seeds of fear were sown immediately

your evil harvest would someday be full

you have stolen her words

you have weakened her independence

you have addled her mind

you have numbed half of her body

you haunt her with loneliness

you are taking aim at her spirit

fuck you

she is not yours to take

the seeds of her heart and spirit will forever be hers

and ours

as she has planted them within all of us

the endless trip

blinded so I couldn’t see
the pain in front of me
howling as a winter wind
weakening a foundation yet cemented
trying everything
hoping to feel something real
like riding on the train
missing every stop
forgive you, and me
more than willing, but somehow unable
wishing one more time
to be rescued by the dawn
humbled by the power
not angry anymore
crossing the bridge
while not looking down
my suitcase is empty
from this lengthy trip
begging for luck
getting nowhere fast
right beside me in the shadows
all too quiet on a foggy day
along the way, a step is lost
but carry carefully your souvenirs