Empty Ghost

missing you keeps welling inside

peace is sought 

along countless paths

battles will rage

winners and losers often sharing a side

ghosts never disappear in the end

it may be buried 

do not be deceived

many have drowned in these shallows

storms keep crashing

I am fearful

but i don’t want to lose the rain

vibrant souls

certify the roots 

profound and sturdy

Monet – Tulip Fields at Sassenheim

Check Your Mirrors

I don’t remember falling

but landing in a heap was inevitable

as I had been stumbling for far too long

I can get up 

but will stay for a moment or two

face down, earth imprinted in my brow

the soil smells of summer

birds above me are in song

bumble bees vibrate in flyovers

the pace has been too swift

to recognize the pieces 

that hold us together

is this the reminder that changes the course

time will tell, but keep in mind 

time waits for no one

as I rise to start again

a grin pulls at my cheeks

laughing at myself