Every Single Time

I’ll keep turning pages

and passing the years

lips curling

eyes welling

every single time

stories written

captured here

in bound books

cracked with time

memories line the pages 

sending scenes scrolling in my mind

I’ll keep turning pages

Tripping on Raincoats

winter’s frost has soaked into the soil

peeks of green poised to rise

neighbors distant, out of sight

buds sit upon the branch

forgiveness ready for bloom

but where are all the people

feeling stretched beyond our test

barely able to cover our sensitivities

friendly faces all inside

days are coming

to relax the tension 

side by side, we will be again

Ramblings After Midnight

while all around you seems to be standing still

tides continue to ebb and flow

the march of time 

unrelenting towards tomorrows unknown

when we knew no better

how did we walk and talk 

remember those wishes held inside

houses built into homes

hold us somehow different now

trappings seem invisible these days 

habits broken can set us free

moving too fast 

to appreciate the moments

is no longer our excuse

lists can be erased 

rewritten from a view 

often buried

by the fevered thoughts

standing in the moonlight or the sunshine 

what are we afraid of

if it’s too early or too late?

can you ever remember

it all spinning so slow

no longer dizzy

focus towards the promises on the shelf

there is a message in a bottle 

floating on the sea

on its way to you and me

Poet's Lips

Inspired by today’s writing prompt on Go Dog Go Cafe (godoggocafe.com). These prompts are designed to be quick challenges written in 10-15 minutes. Hope you enjoy.

cracked and healed

through pain and time

we travel on relentless

all you shared 

let us know you cared

moved to think 

we smile together

and cry alone

all you shared 

let us know you cared

we lay down 

your words as kisses

from poet’s lips

all you shared 

let us know you cared

close your eyes

the dawn

will be ours again

thanks for what you shared 

we know you cared

Then Why

from angles

that are new to me

this pace feels different

these locks have me searching for a key

after staring elephants into a corner

I hope to rest alone with you

in these moments

with a vice or two

as I carry new found fears

I find myself missing this and that

sit with me and ease 

the mind’s acrobat

trust what we have seen

together strong

we shall meet 

tomorrow’s dawn


as distances lay immeasurable 

as silence sounds deafening

turn down the noise 

that muffles the feel

our hearts beating 

wishing it different

but the pulse is off

paths remain uncharted

is your fear 

in turning the page

or reading

what has been written

take hold of the pen

alone together

lets author our tomorrow

we will not disappear

where strength allows

sow your seeds

time will make wine 

from these tears

set hope within your palm 

let it flow through 

no grand farewells 

are needed now