Pages Torn Out

if time’s hands move at a constant pace

what explains this bumpy ride

some days take eternities to arrive

hauling butterflies of anticipation

stirring giddy images

other days do not knock upon arrival

spinning me round

knocking me down

this day lurks in its approach

in the space of missing pages

recalling a struggle endured

a valiant battle with an inevitable end

its arrival is flanked

by memories dark and light

spirit carried by children

and abounding love from the many touched by a beautiful soul

I don’t want to run

but sometimes I hide

the growth that rides with time

feels stunted late in May

to defend against the steady ache

is a look inside to what’s been learned

hurt remains

but moving on is the only way


outside and afraid

searching for something

a connection not made

once beating with exuberant pace

a heart tripping with passion

be patient, it’s not that type of race

heading towards light

emerging from darkness

heavy and daunting, gather your might

a train pushing on, stuck on the rails

the brakeman says no

I only chart the trails

As the Willow

this is not a yarn being spun

there is something in the fore

demanding attention

what is received

when it is received

life’s timing remains unwritten

expecting nothing

yet ready for anything

confidently silent

bending with harsh winds

harnessing all it can

holding grace with strength

tenacious and remarkable

are roots built from time

simply anchoring all that hangs above the water

all is well when you cannot look into the eyes

the space we hide from the light

often holds the key

hanging heart
medium: clay
created by jessyca lyn

Roll Easy

a hill now stands where once it was flat

biting winds blow strong

no matter the direction I’m faced

please don’t steal the light was my plea

but pieces were already gone

never to be replaced

it was a long way to get to you

the clock has lost its hands

I’m feeling tired

and not quite sure I know how to leave

staring down lost love

hoping to be inspired

dreams hold songs of where I’ve been

sadness grips my hand

if the tune feels blind when I wake

black birds on the wire continue singing

calling broken hearts

but telling me to stay will not change fate

shadows cut the angles down to size

making it easier to miss the pain

my head is spinning with little left inside

an empty space stirred love all around

people kept dropping by

I could not find a place to hide

travelling on with both feet on the gas

afraid of what’s behind me

I’m left gripping the wheel

a penciled map has me heading forward

but I’ve lost some control

still unsure of what I feel

the journey takes time

set at square one

from unbroken youth

with courses uncharted

questions abound

the heart should always hold the truth

One Hand Free

like frozen rain

snapping against the window pane

battering the fragile soul

and seven days a week is too much to bear

loss is buried in all the dreams

that have us turning and tossing

heavy is the anger held inside

and it’s difficult to turn off

as night is falling fast

a barefoot child flaunts their youth

dancing in puddles

carefree without weight

do not look to carry it all

what is not needed will fall away

the journey is best

with one hand free

if it feels right

move forward now

do not starve the heart

as tomorrow is unpromised

medium: pencil
drawing: jessyca lyn katz