A Partner

both of us wounded

sporting scars

some worn as badges

others hidden

past hurt unresolved

there are pieces 

some not meant to be saved

a barren destiny

sits alone

like liquid in a mold

filling each other in

preserving one another

when it gets heavy

breathing for each other

a peace pulses below the surface

we are so much 


Mass Moca – North Adams, MA

Hold Your Ground

blowing through every season

it’s nature’s matter 

no rhyme nor reason

carrying to and fro

sometimes taking 

what you’d rather not go

what is received in the shift

you cannot predict 

burdens and gifts

it may seem quiet

on days calm and still 

changes linger, don’t deny it

all around you

winds whip with change 

let it flow through

A Late Entry

cool crisp sheets invited me in

shielded with blankets 

I could stay forever 

but I will get up again 

up or down

the dial cannot turn

as the knob was lost long ago

the sound seems off to me

locked doors 

are they new or old

I’ve stopped looking for the key

time to break them down 

wind rattled the windows last night 

was that you

that carried the gust

I was there listening

Fading Into Morning

bombs drop 

from the sky

I want to hide

I do not run

on blank pages

I share 

what is held inside

often waiting 

far too long 

reaching out

through these words

seeking release 

not answers

dark victories 

follow heavy shadows

am I looking for forgiveness 

from someone else but me

when I wake 

I look to make my peace

with the day

that follows the morning sun

puppy paws
October 2019

Unseen Sketches

taking on that pain

has me driving all night

the distance doesn’t help at all

it’s my head that’s filled with you

life carries on without

not just for now


we all get through these changes 


I don’t need you to come back to me

is a lie I tell myself

a glimmer in my rear view 

is what keeps me pushing on

Jackson, NH
July 2013

Below the Surface

smells of autumn swirl

as sunshine bounces from golden leaves 

a breeze carries last waves of warmth

no longer dressed in summer blooms

tall branches wave 

flags snap in the wind 

reminding that time marches unwavering

cataloging memories

with eyes fixed forward

as miles stack behind 

dragonflies have long passed by

while seasons change

searching for a pot of gold is futile

without laying in fields along the way

get back to loving each other

to stay right here 

is no small ask

moments that matter

are easier to cherish 

when played at a slower speed 

paths are set by the stars

and the determined heart

turning points often marked 

by unseen corners

hold on loosely

river in autumn
Cumberland, RI

Give It a Minute

in a hurry 

moving quickly no stopping

point a to point b

head down

noticing nothing

this was not her style

she enjoyed the journey

she saw the colors

she took the time

time ran out for her

I hope I did not rush her

“The most important reason for going from one place to another is to see what’s in between, and they took great pleasure in doing just that.”

Norton Juster

Blackstone Valley
Cumberland, RI