I’m Always Standing in My Way

Certain days require a bit “more” to help us out from under the covers (especially when two warm pups are bracketing your body).  Sometimes it’s helpful to recall good memories to remind us why we rise up and what we may encounter each day. 

I can recall…

… being enthralled in the presence of a giggling baby

… sitting on a grassy hill with a beautiful friend in the warm sunshine surrounded by music

… gently holding the hand of someone that truly loves you

… seeing my children enjoying each other and showing care and compassion for one another

… waking to the morning sun to the a voice or text of “good morning love”

… listening to the crashing waves with bodies entwined with someone you love

… watching a young pup carelessly entertaining themselves, prancing and hopping while flipping a ball into the air

… staring into the eyes across from you and feeling like it’s all you needed

Time to get going.

parking lot heart waiting for me?

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