Roll Easy

a hill now stands where once it was flat

biting winds blow strong

no matter the direction I’m faced

please don’t steal the light was my plea

but pieces were already gone

never to be replaced

it was a long way to get to you

the clock has lost its hands

I’m feeling tired

and not quite sure I know how to leave

staring down lost love

hoping to be inspired

dreams hold songs of where I’ve been

sadness grips my hand

if the tune feels blind when I wake

black birds on the wire continue singing

calling broken hearts

but telling me to stay will not change fate

shadows cut the angles down to size

making it easier to miss the pain

my head is spinning with little left inside

an empty space stirred love all around

people kept dropping by

I could not find a place to hide

travelling on with both feet on the gas

afraid of what’s behind me

I’m left gripping the wheel

a penciled map has me heading forward

but I’ve lost some control

still unsure of what I feel

the journey takes time

set at square one

from unbroken youth

with courses uncharted

questions abound

the heart should always hold the truth

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