Broken Verse

Note: These verses were pulled from a broader writing (a piece of an incomplete story) of mine. The verses appear in more of the format I usually write in. I am still working on my other styles…

forever waiting on the ledge between sadness and summer

been dreaming of this horizon that will never come

it’s easy to lose your grace in the spotlight of the city

always sleep it off before you say goodbye

with your head up you can see it’s broken

maybe we shouldn’t have danced after the expiration date

riding too hard into the silver light can steal the gaze

and because of the weather, trust blows against the wind

the long ride left you silent on the questions at hand

wasted breath became harnessed to answers buried inside

the meaning change after escaping open lips

the long and short of whatever you feel awaits the stranger

others can’t hear the throbbing in your head

architects of love cannot see joy melting into struggle

kindling to ash is the base of the heart that sinks

emptiness will arise from no forgiveness

antique (unknown)
Photo: i. Perlman

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