Songs That Remain

all the windows were painted shut

when I went searching for the air

gasping without a sound

those words he said to me

danced so eerily upon my brain

never gonna get unwound

I’ll run along cold iron tracks

well past closing time

to keep from going back

today and yesterday

now lived broken in two

cheating tomorrow’s sky of blue

the sweet taste of innocence

has travelled on

lost in the haze of restless night

without ripples the lake won’t break

throw your stones

before it gets too late

the mistakes we made

that carried us all these years

explain the reasons for all these chills

I should have begged you not to go

you brought me flowers every day

left unplanted on the bench

your voice, it tantalizes in my ear

it rests softly next to my heart

I just can’t quite get to the sound

I cannot shake that look you always wore

please don’t take that from me

it keeps me running all the time

trying to make all of this

seem normal

had us tripping over nothing

I missed a few signs

no one ever warned me

of the shadows in our love

what you eventually found

trapped inside without a voice

held beauty left unknown

hard to believe in losing everything I found

keep the setting sun away from me

everyone wants a little more time

we thought if we took it slow

we would make it to the peak

but the pace that confronted us was all too much

even though we already knew

you would make this walk alone

your eyes asked me to pull you through

the tears they roll

I wish I was still waiting

for the pain I knew was coming

I tried to meet you

in that unforgiving darkness

that was pulling at your days

time is now forever lonely

words against the mirror

sound different in the morning

memories that never lived

will gather dust in the corner with regret

unopened and blank

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