Time and Time Again

finality holds off the daily pace

we walked all those paths together

time has tipped its cap to our youth

a new equation now chases me west

I hardly knew that autumn day

when weighty thoughts stopped us in our tracks

it was hard to look as you lifted away

don’t I look different

looking ahead or yearning for yesterday

crisp mornings don’t always feel the same

folded laundry laughs in my direction

I have all that I can take

no secrets were spoken out of turn

rhyming moments with routine

the songs inside my head

are trapped without a tune

talking on things we don’t know about

helps the whiskey travel smooth

enamored with words that shine in darkness

as the connection warms the ragged soul

let’s share today together

watching hummingbirds dance away

tomorrow will arrive right on time

whether you jumped on board or not

if stars told the story of time

morning would dim in the lyrics of the night

I really should be moving on

the heart always knows it’s way home

it was all I could do

to keep from crying

so I smiled

and walked out in the rain

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