Beats of Spring

she moved effortlessly among the droplets

bone dry 


with attraction 

that magnetized the soul

the steadiest of beats 


held the motion smooth

there was no need to run 

the chase was over

snow sat upon the headstone


tears fell endlessly

frozen ground thawed

catching their warmth

well past brokenhearted

unexpected weight

in what has been received 

spring is coming

thunder doesn’t scare me now

the Counter

come to me with the dawn

my family brewing in cheerful anticipation

neighbors and strangers, come

receive our comfort, accept our bounties

sit with me, for as long as you wish

stained by spills through the years

I have heard your stories

and caught your tears

ease upon me and rest your weight

I have creased the forearms of young and old

I am strong 

breathe deep, break bread, avoid the cold

leave me full, belly and soul

always waiting, I ponder on those I no longer see

please return before too long

I am here, my friendship free

remember me behind lock and key

lonely, I wait for another day

I am ok as I am kept laughing

watching the jams and jellies play